Ambassador Program

Select influencers can act as Talent Store Ambassadors. 

These people play a key role in our expansion while earning additional income through our bonus referral program. The goal is this is a win/win and an opportunity to make us all look good while supporting key businesses.

Ambassador promise: Refer our services whenever given the chance

Our promise to you: Make you look like a hero within your network and share our revenue earned

Who you are:

  • A natural match maker who’s driven to connect people as a way to solve business challenges
  • An influencer who is well-respected and has built trusted partnerships in their professional community
  • A person who is selective about who they refer and takes pride in knowing the best and brightest
  • Someone who connects with our style, vision and mission and believes in the service we offer

What you will do:

  1. Get to know The Talent Store’s mission, vision and service offerings
  2. Actively refer The Talent Store whenever the topic of hiring or talent acquisition program development comes up in networking conversations
  3. Share a business card, brochure and/or our website information
  4. Ask for a time when Devon Underwood can follow up with them directly

Let us know about the referral by phone, via email or through our website

You will have the opportunity to earn multiple bonuses for each client referral, receiving a bonus for any of the services provided within the first full year.

Bonus Program Scale

Service Referred

Bonus Paid

Payment Schedule

Contingent Executive Search $750  Paid per placement
Retained Executive Search $1,200 Paid per client fee schedule
Flat Fee Recruitment $275 Paid per placement
Consulting Engagement $200 Paid per every 150hrs billed

*Bonuses will be paid once the fees are collected from the client.

**For all client agreements that contain a guarantee period, bonus will not be paid until that time period is satisfied.