Talent Acquisition Consulting Giving you the time and talent to grow your business.

There are many reasons a company may need to supplement their Talent Acquisition team. Because of this, we have structured our Talent Acquisition Consulting and Contract Recruiting services to give our clients a temporary or project based option.  As a result, our clients can respond to key growth without adding permanent head count and we can bring them expertise that can hit the ground running, also reducing downtime and training cost.

Our Talent Acquisition Consulting and Contract Recruiting services are purposefully a la carte; this is so services can be structured depending on client need.  This flexibility in service is also mirrored in varied pricing, from competitive hourly rates to per production or project pricing.  Our ability to create service packages on demand is why we are unique in our industry and a key reason our clients choose us as an exclusive partner

Talent Acquisition Consulting – Providing strategic program development and growth initiatives support 

  • New position development, job description creation and proactive recruiting strategy development
  • Market analysis reviewing local talent supply, relocation potential and compensation averages
  • Interview process development and hiring manager interview training
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) implementation, customization and/or optimization
  • Project Management of new program or process initiatives
  • Employment branding

Contract Recruiting – Ad hoc recruiting services to supplement your current team

  • Project based recruiting services for key hiring initiatives or to supplement a team member’s absence
  • Candidate sourcing, pre-screening and interview process management as assigned
  • Convention, Job Fair or Hiring Event representation; hosting of events on your behalf
  • Seamless support to hiring managers and candidates; we feel like a member of your permanent team

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