Mission, Vision and Values Who we are

Why Choose The Talent Store?

We help launching, growing or shifting organizations approach recruiting, on-boarding, employee development and retention as a full talent program.

Our pricing structure is at or below our competitors with more comprehensive services

The work is done through hands-on implementation, not advising and exiting

We are committed to also aligning style, values and culture fit in addition to finding the skills and experience needed

We continue developing our expertise and network while our clients are able to stay busy with what they do best:

  • Continuous and active networking with key talent so we know the best and brightest
  • Leveraging technology for ourselves and staying on top of recruiting and talent development tech trends for our clients
  • Playing a key role in the communities our client’s businesses serve and remaining active and engaged locally and nationally on their behalf

Philosophy and Mission:

To bring creative thinking, innovation, hard work and an unstoppable talent network to play a key role in our clients’ attainment of their strategic goals through talent acquisition and retention.

To connect talented individuals with career making opportunities.

We believe that connection is powerful, and The Talent Store is the meeting place for ideas, opportunity and talent to come together.


The Talent Store is the premier talent strategy partner for growing businesses, providing hollistic programs and support from talent attraction and acquisition through on-boarding and retention.

Our goal is to bring technology, creative thinking, proven experience and an unstoppable talent network to play a key role in helping our clients achieve their strategic goals through hiring top talent.  We are committed to understanding our clients and their initiatives deeply, having the flexibility to customize talent programs to fit their specific needs, and providing world class exeperiences that positively impact our community.

Core Values:

Whole-hearted, open communication

Thought leadership adn innovation

Working with the “why”

Hands-on work style with a focus on impact and outcomes

Creating fun and enriching experiences