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Why Choose The Talent Store?

At The Talent Store, we help launching, growing or shifting organizations approach recruiting, on-boarding, employee development and retention as a full talent program containing different pieces that need to work together.

Our goal is to bring technology, creative thinking, proven experience and an unstoppable talent network to play a key role in helping our clients achieve their strategic goals through hiring top talent.

Our pricing structure is at or below our competitors with more comprehensive services

A strategic and dedicated expert is assigned to each project; the work will not be passed to a junior employee.

Beyond skills matching, we are committed to understanding our clients deeply and aligning strength needs, values and culture fit

While our clients are doing what they do best, we continue developing our expertise and network:

  • Continuous and active networking with key talent so we know the best and brightest
  • Leveraging technology for ourselves and staying on top of recruiting and talent development tech trends for our clients
  • Playing a key role in the communities our client’s businesses serve and remaining active and engaged locally on their behalf.


To bring creative thinking, innovation, hard work and an unstoppable talent network to play a key role in our clients’ attainment of their strategic goals through hiring.


The Talent Store was established to realize a shift in who a true recruiting partner can be.  In many ways, the traditional search industry model has not changed in the last 20+ years and most firms are operating as if there have not been significant shifts in technology, communication and business culture that have impacted hiring practices and philosophies.

We are committed to:

Understanding our clients inside and out.

  • Take the time to understand the personality of the team or business unit as well as the the best way to partner with each hiring manager to ensure a seamless process.
  • Have the experience and insight to match candidates in skills need while also keeping an eye on values and culture matches for the organization.

Remaining innovative, leveraging current technology and constantly developing our network.

  • Embrace new tools, in networking and outreach, that allow us to be more efficient than a traditional search firm while also uncovering a passive network that others may not have access to.

Providing a strategic and dedicated expert for each project.

  • Our dynamic talent experts will represent our clients in a way that helps them to stand out as thoughtful, responsive and innovative leaders.

Competitive pricing and services to meet our client’s specific needs.

  • We have gotten rid of the fat and are small but mighty; no researchers or junior recruiters. This allows us to set up service offerings in line with what is needed and remain lower cost and flexible with pricing and billing options.
  • We are not segmented in specialty or services and are able to support all talent initiatives.

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